Municipal journal

The municipality, in collaboration with Heritage Lower St-Lawrence, publishes a municipal journal by mail and on the web site of the Town, once a month. The deadline is the 15th of each month.

The municipal journal has to inform citizens about municipal services and to prevent citizens about new regulations in force. Also, it is particularly used to inform citizens on different community and recreation services available to the inhabitants as well as the next upcoming events.

Send your short notice for publication at: or call at the municipal office at the following number: 418-936-3255 and/or contact Marie-Claude Giroux at 418-936-3239 or send her an E-Mail at

Municipal journal 2021
PDF icon April - May 20214.86 MB
PDF icon February - March 202114.86 MB
Municipal journal 2020
PDF icon Décember 2020 - January 202119.04 MB
PDF icon November 202018.63 MB
PDF icon October 202015.55 MB
PDF icon September 202018.24 MB
PDF icon July - August 20204.76 MB
PDF icon June 202018.79 MB
PDF icon May 202018.47 MB
PDF icon April 20208.7 MB
PDF icon March 202014.04 MB
PDF icon February 202013.6 MB
PDF icon January 202015.99 MB
Municipal journal 2019
PDF icon December 201913.68 MB
PDF icon November 201916.03 MB
PDF icon October 201915.23 MB
PDF icon September 201915.71 MB
PDF icon July - August 20194.87 MB
PDF icon June 201918.74 MB
PDF icon May 201915.17 MB
PDF icon April 201915.47 MB
PDF icon March 201913.42 MB
PDF icon February 201912.75 MB
PDF icon January 201914.71 MB
Municipal journal 2018
PDF icon December 201814.75 MB
PDF icon November 201818.83 MB
PDF icon October 201815.68 MB
PDF icon September 201818.88 MB
PDF icon August 201812.16 MB
PDF icon July 201817.52 MB
PDF icon June 20184.94 MB
PDF icon May 201818.63 MB
PDF icon April 201815.36 MB
PDF icon March 201815.53 MB
PDF icon February 201815.12 MB
PDF icon January 20181.99 MB