Family policy

We are very pleased to present to all the citizens of Métis-sur-Mer a family and age-friendly community policy focused on the needs of our population and on healthy living. This policy and its action plan will support our revitalization efforts, thus giving each person the opportunity to flourish in a context that is conductive to the fulfillment of his or her needs.

It is vital for the municipal council to commit to contributing to the well-being of our fellow citizens by offering them a quality life environment, both diverse and appealing, and in doing so, enable new families to settle here. Our intent is that all families in Métis-sur-Mer will live peacefully in our beautiful part of the country, but more importantly, will remain here for a long time to come.

Families, of all shapes and sizes, are a major priority for us. The family is the foundation of a stable and healthy society, and is vital to small towns such as ours. Your well-being is important to us. It is with great pleasure that my team and I have committed to this action plan, allowing us to build a harmonious and durable fabric binding each and every community member socially, economically and demographically.

You can consult famiy policy 2020-2025 at the bottom of the page.